Voice Your Opinion!!!  Tell our commissions, councils and
congress we are losing our sovereignty!!!
Our people are being
sold out and with the elections
Executive Committee
Mineral Council
Why is our government destroying our
nation?  Why are we losing
A recent telephone survey asked members to rate the Congress and Mineral Council on a
scale of 1-10.  With the election coming soon, make sure and voice your opinion on our
forums as well.  Pay close attention to those who are highlighted below, they up for
election next time around. Here are the results!!!
Chief Jim Gray: -4
John Red Eagle: 5
Eddy Red Eagle, Jr.: 5
Mark J. Simms: 4
Anthony Shackleford: 1
Shannon L. Edwards: 1
Archie Mason: 2
Jerri Jean Branstetter: 1
William "Kugee" Supernaw: 8
Debbie Walker Littleton: 1
Douglas Clair Revard: 7
Raymond W. Red Corn: 1
Faren Revard Anderson: 8
Mark Freeman, Jr.: 1

Talee Redcorn: 1
Jewell Purcell: 1
Robert E. Martin: -4
Cynthia J. Boone: 9
Kenneth Bighorse: 2
John Henry Mashunkashey: 2
David Earl Dubler: 1
Kathryn Red Corn Lynn: 1
We need a change!
Check this website regularly for
updates on the candidates and officers.
Chief Gray has recently made
contracts with the state without
the input or knowledge of the
people and the smoke shop
owners!!! We have a weak
Congress, a double-weak Mineral
Board, and our executive branch
is pitiful.  Think of our people!!!
E-Mail us and we will post your
comments here!!! e-mail
We want your input on who should run for these positions in the
next election.  Protect your sovereignty and vote for those who will
do the same!  All Osages should realize that when the judge's
ruling is finalized Indian Country will no longer exist.  The only
restricted land will be the homesteads.  All Osage should protect
our minerals and land.  Tell your congress to stop selling you out.  
Economic Development is good for the tribe but collateral has to be
put up for anything to be built and they will have to use the oil
rights, after this only a single resolution is needed to draw funds
out of the tribal coffers.  Remember when the coat factory went
under?  The head right owners themselves had to pay for
everything when it failed.  The only true reservation is the head
right and shareholders restricted land.  The mineral council should
take full responsibility and protect this land.  Without culture,
language, and land there is no tribe!!!!
Elouise Cobell, the lead plaintiff in the Indian trust fund lawsuit, was
optimistic after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case on

"They're going to lose this one," Cobell, a member of the Blackfeet Nation
of Montana, told The Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

Cobell and her attorneys argued that the federal government owes
billions of dollars to Indian beneficiaries for the failure to account for their
trust funds. They asked the appeals court to determine whether they can
collect interest and whether to include certain funds, like those collected
on behalf of members of the Osage Nation of Oklahoma, in the tally.

The Department of Justice said the government owes nothing to the
plaintiffs. Attorney Lisa Klein called the Interior Department's
record-keeping near flawless.

The Osage Nation appeared to discuss whether it can participate in the
appeal. The tribe's attorney said the Cobell plaintiffs can't claim money on
behalf of individual Osages.
Isn' t it odd the executive committee
doesn't want the people to talk with
each other?  Everyone should call
their representatives and ask why our
tribe's e-mails are hidden.  Flood the
administrative office with calls to voice
your free speech!!!
All Osage and real Indians should support the Creek.  Protect our sovereignty!!!        

Muscogee Nation cigarettes confiscated by state
Thursday, May 14, 2009
Filed Under: Law

Agents from the Oklahoma Tax Commission seized about $40,000 worth of cigarettes from the
Muscogee (Creek) Nation on Wednesday.

The tribe called the seizure a violation of its sovereignty. "The Muscogee Nation takes the position
that this was an illegal confiscation by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, and we are evaluating all of
our legal remedies at this time, and we intend to aggressively pursue our legal remedies," Roger
Wiley, the tribe's attorney general, told The Tulsa World. "They used bolt cutters on the lock on the
back of the truck and took what they wanted. They violated the Fourth Amendment."

The state claims tribal retailers are selling cigarettes without valid tax stamps. The tribe has declined
to sign a tobacco compact with the state.